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The Celtic People’s Party Could End Irish Homelessness


The number of Irish children made homeless increased by 67% in one year June 2015-2016 according to RTÉ News.


“According to the Department of the Environment there were 2,206 children in homelessness last month, compared to 1,318 in June 2015.

The number of adults in homelessness also increased by 27% since last year.

Last month there were 4,152 adults in homelessness, compared to 3,258 in June 2015.”


So what is our solution? It’s simple…

We cut “Irish Aid” and disband the organisation completely.

In 2014 Irish Aid spent over €600 million in Africa…
“Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development, Joe McHugh TD, today visited Uganda’s border region with South Sudan and announced €600,000 in new humanitarian assistance for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.”
Uganda has a history of spending Irish Aid money on things like Su-27 Russian Fighter Jets, luxury cars and houses with swimming pools for Ugandan Government Leaders.
Your tax money at work
Your tax money at work

“None of the senior Ugandan government officials implicated in the theft of €4 million of Irish Aid money last year has been held to account for their actions, a new report about graft in the east African country claims.”

and €4 million is the tip of the iceberg

Uganda Ranked Among Most Corrupt Nations


Over the next six years the current FG Government assures us, very optimistically I might add, that €5.5 Billion Euros will be allocated to social housing. However they do not say where this money will come from and the current FG government seem to have a track record of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” since our public services are still woefully under budgeted.

For example, our police force, An Garda Síochána, scrapes by under resourced and under paid…

Working the frontline: Here’s how I live on €23,171 (before tax) a year – The Journal.ie

and hospital patients are on trolleys.



Have any of these perpetual beneficiaries of Irish Aid done anything for us… ever?

Do we really need to be borrowing hundreds of millions every year only to spend it on this.


When we have this on our own doorstep.

UK News 6-1

We must and will put a stop to the nonsense of Irish Aid. We are not the Third World’s parents, we owe them nothing.

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