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Islamisation of the West – An Infographic


Study this diagram. This is actually happening in Europe. Even the English are now officially a minority in their capital city and they can’t even complain about it for fear of being put in prison.

‘British whites’ are the minority in London for the first time as census shows number of UK immigrants has jumped by 3million in 10 years

Hate speech laws, Political Correctness and Government Cowardice are robbing all Europeans of their homes and Ireland is never really far behind Britain and the rest of Europe. The above pattern and all its facets are clearly recognisable in Ireland even now.

We must talk about this before we end up being displaced in our own lands by a culture of silence and acquiescence.

Local TD O’Loughlin introduces new bill that will give Gardaí more power to convict people using ‘hate speech’

Muslim leader Ali Selim urges media to avoid linking attacks to Islam

Muslim scholar could seek legal advice if Irish media republish Mohammed cartoon

Kerry mosque plan approved but no call to prayer allowed

Immigrant Council of Ireland launches campaign to help migrants integrate

Imams split over fears Irish Muslims are being radicalised in mosques

Immigrant Council of Ireland (Anti-Irish bias is clearly evident in this group)

This is nothing new by the way. Our ancestors had to deal with it too.

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