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Your money doesn’t exist

It doesn’t exist, not in any real sense. Let me explain.

Have you ever really thought about what money is exactly, where it comes from?


Money is simply a representation of value and a token to facilitate the trading of that value. That’s all it is a token of value. So it would make sense then for a country to print or create enough of these tokens to represent the total amount of value in a society. If a country produces X then its people should have enough money to represent X and allow for the trading of X. If next year a country produces 0.5X then its people should have enough money to represent 0.5X and allow for the trading of 0.5X assuming all productivity is consumed within the year.

This is a very simplistic example but the essential point is that money should represent the amount of value i.e. work or productivity of a country.

Here is where the switch happened and where the scam begins. The money we use does not represent our work. It is not printed by our Government. In fact it has nothing to do with us. It is printed by a private bank out of thin air. The bank’s money  i.e. the Euro in your pocket actually represents debt and not something solid like productive work because the bank does not “own” any of your work to base it on.

When the bank issues the Euro they do so by means of a loan. What happens here is that the bank simply writes a +€1,000 in your account and a €1,000 in their own account.

There is technically nothing of substance created because +€1,000 and -€1,000 still equals a big fat zero. When you pay off the debt, you fill back in the -€1,000 “hole” in the banks account by removing the +€1,000 “hill” in yours.


All this would be fine except for this:

They didn’t have to do any work for this money, in other words they didn’t have to “make” it themselves by doing something productive and yet they can still charge interest on it.

The bank has loaned you money that NEVER existed until they magically created it by typing numbers on a computer. They never had to work for that money and it is not based on anything such as the productivity of say a Builder or a Nurse. No one had to “make that money” by working for it. They simply typed it and then they charge you interest for the use of it. Now imagine this on a National scale. Imagine typing billions into existence in this way and you can see the truth.

If you worked hard for your money you could justify charging interest because you have invested work and value into that money and by loaning it you lose the use of it. Seems only fair to be compensated for the opportunity cost (within reason) but imagine you could just write the number €1,000 or €1,000,000 on a piece of A4 paper and give it to someone and then charge interest that the borrower has to work hard to repay. Well that’s what a bank does.

Also if the interest that the bank charges you on a loan was never created for that loaned amount and since all money that comes into existence is from loans then where does the interest come from? Yes you guessed it, more borrowing. The economy must therefore grow so that more money can be printed and loaned out to satisfy the interest requirements on the original loan.

Simply put it is a scam where a select few can make up money without basing it on anything or working for it and can then charge you for its use.


As such debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more people are needed on the bottom to keep borrowing so that the previous interest can be serviced and the scam kept going. This is part of the reason why they keep telling us that Europe needs more immigrant workers all the time and why they push this “refugee” scam because a contraction of the economy equals unserviced debt and the banking ponzi scheme would start to collapse. It must grow otherwise it collapses.

Eventually, as a result of the interest charged, all of the value represented by this fake debt based money finds it way back to the people who loaned it. The interest mechanism is just there to ensure that (a) people keep borrowing (b) money and the value that it represents (i.e. the work YOU had to do for it) keeps flowing back up the chain to the lenders who had to do nothing for it.

No European country prints its own money based on the GDP or GNP (productivity) metrics. All European countries BORROW their money.

Why borrow from a private bank that never worked for that money? Why don’t we just print our own?

We assert that Irish money is sovereign and therefore should be printed by the Irish Government on behalf of the people as a fair representation of the surplus of the “National Warehouse” and issued as a receipt on that surplus. That is to say that the money is based in the work of the people and represents that work i.e. the GDP of the country.

This money should then be issued into circulation by the mechanisms of public sector pay, interest free Government business loans and the purchasing of public works, for example roads and hospitals, at which point it would then be passed on to Irish society as a whole by standard commerce.

This is a much fairer system than paying some conniving banker to type money into existence on a computer screen and charge you for the privilege of it.


If you want to research this further then have a look at these informative videos.

Note: You can play them on double speed if you wish, as the narrator speaks quite slowly, by clicking the settings cog at the lower right of the youtube player and clicking 2x in the speed submenu.

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