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Irish School Children Targeted by Diversity Propaganda

I can’t think of anything lower than to target children with propaganda the sole purpose of which is to disenfranchise them and rob them of their home.

This is the world we live in today.

We’re “Minorities”. You owe us!


Are we really going to hand over our small country to people that have countries of their own, entire continents of their own in fact. Well they expect us to do just that and they have no problem targeting our impressionable young children for their nefarious agenda. For example the creation of pro-immigration animation pieces intended for Irish school children by a group called Counterpoint Arts.

Counterpoint Arts (aka Pivotal Arts) is an activist group based in Ireland and the U.K. that specialises in pro-immigration propaganda. This group is also in receipt of money from Transatlantic social engineering apparatus Atlantic Philanthropies.

From their Wiki:

“The Atlantic Philanthropies (AP) is a private foundation created in 1982 by Irish-American businessman Chuck Feeney. The Atlantic Philanthropies focuses its giving on health, social, and politically liberal public policy causes in Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United States and Vietnam.”

Counterpoint Arts also seems to come under the umbrella of “The Forum on Migration and Communications (FOMACS)”. See this link for details.

From the Atlantic Philanthropies website linked above

It is worthwhile to look at Counterpoint Arts’ “About Us” page. You can also see that certain member(s) of the Immigration Council of Ireland feature as board members.

Ok, so now you know a bit about Counterpoint Arts you should view their work.

The salient features of this disgusting assault on the right of Irish children to their own country and identity are as follows:

  1. No Irish boy present ( you will note that the young native male presence is always excluded and denigrated in his sort of thing)
  2. The Irish immigration system is presented as cold, robotic and unfair
  3. The immigrants are never at fault for being in the country illegally. It is implied that the system is at fault for making them illegal as if they all should be automatically given citizenship.
  4. Irish culture, heritage and tradition are dismissed as irrelevant. First the trip to Newgrange is brushed over and then Christmas is casually disregarded just because it might hurt the “feelings” of others who don’t celebrate it.

What was most interesting is how this propaganda reveals the way in which all cultural institutions are ultimately destroyed by “diversity”. No one can celebrate their own festivals or the deep spiritual meaning associated with them in a globalist milieu. Instead these festivals become simply “about lights” or something equally as meaningless. Under “diversity” everything ironically becomes banal and homogeneous.

Counterpoint Arts have also kindly issued a “teaching pack” aka “brainwashing kit” for Irish Teachers to force children to watch.

Some of their other video propaganda touches on the subject of “family reunification” as well which seems to be a theme. Family reunification is the process whereby one refugee turns into fifteen when the entire family and extended family are automatically granted asylum. Who pays for all this. YES YOU THE IRISH TAX-PAYER. Good luck saving for your family’s future because your tax money will be spent on their five+ children.

Counterpoint Arts doesn’t stop there. They want you to understand that you as an Irish person are bad and responsible for the entire third world. When something goes wrong in the life of a “person of colour” it is YOUR FAULT as an Irish person.

This is what you get when you offer any generosity. The hand bitten off you. Here is another classic. In this clip another negro actor smirks as he says “Whatever happens the Irish Government is responsible for us because we’re Irish”.

To put all this into context and show why it is so serious we should consider some numbers.

Small island, small ancient population.


Biggest continent on the planet, massive population.


Yet they still flood into our country.

If it’s so bad and racist in Ireland then why the stampede to get here bro?

These people will always have their identities as Africans but being Irish and ultimately European will mean nothing if things continue as they are going. Note that no one is flooding Nigeria with non-Nigerians or China with non-Chinese and giving them special rights and privileges, free health care and affirmative action. This is only happening in European countries and only European peoples are being pushed aside for it. We are being displaced by this in our own homes!

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