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Only our Combined Voice will be Heard

This is an email (see below) from 2013 sent to the then Minister of Justice Alan Shatter by an Irish citizen.

Alan Shatter, the son of Jewish immigrants, was and likely still is pro-immigration to say the least and the author of the email raised some very valid points for Mr Shatter to address.



After having recently spoken with the author of the email about current European and Irish policies regarding mass immigration and the dispossession of European people he shared this letter with me personally and gave me permission to reproduce it here. I do this to highlight a simple point that no response was ever given to this letter. Granted no public official could ever answer all individual queries which is why a combined voice is so important but this is not the first time in my experience that questions arising from dissenting views on mass immigration have gone unanswered by both our Government and our Media.

Rule of Thumb: When you ask politically correct politicians difficult questions that go against the status quo EXPECT TO BE IGNORED!

This is why we need a COMBINED VOICE to be heard. Get in touch with us if you want your voice on this topic to be heard.


Dear Mr Shatter,
I am writing to you as a citizen of Ireland. I understand the figures below
to be correct and as such I am concerned about the increased level of
immigration in to a country that simple cannot economically sustain itself
(due to the reckless practices of your predecessor government and certain
financial institutions).

Mr Shatter given that there have been 52,000 new citizens in a two year
period and for Ireland, that is a huge amount. Is such a policy rational
and sane when we are losing 1,000 natives to emigration each week

According to the CSO 11% of the population were foreign and they accounted
for 25% of all the new-borns here

So we have 427,000 people unemployed and 100,000 Irish people leaving a
year. Yet in the first 3 months of 2013 alone you, it appears, issued
26,000 working visas to foreign nationals. Our health service can barely
cope with the native population, our classrooms are overcrowded and now
teachers have the burden of multiple languages to deal with.

Do you think this is reasonable? I think it is a betrayal of the Irish
people whom have a right to be concerned not only about the economic
hardships that the previous kakistocracy inflicted upon them but also the
demographic shift that is now starting to occur and everything that results
from this.

You are quoted in the Irish Times as saying:

“It is truly remarkable that this tiny island at the edge of Western Europe
facing into the Atlantic Ocean which is home to us all has, as its
citizens, as members of the national family, people who came to live with
us from every country on this planet”

A nice sentiment indeed Sir but I might draw your attention to the recent
rioting in Sweden which has been blamed on everything from poverty to “no
opportunities for immigrants” but strangely there has been no mention of
the underlining sentiment of resentment toward native Swedes by the
immigrant populations in spite of all that has been done by the Swedes for
said immigrants.

Violence towards women has also increased dramatically in proportion to the
amount of foreign nationals resident in Sweden.


As Minister for Justice surely you are aware of this fact. Do you believe
Ireland will be different. That certain groups will abandon their cultures
of origin in a sharp divergence from what is happening in the U.K., Sweden
and Norway to name but a few.

I am all for cultural understanding but as Sweden has demonstrated and
Britain to some extent also, the egalitarian commune model for society
rarely brings anything other than dissonance among respective groups.

I understand that it is the law of the land that people can apply for
citizenship after a set period (five years if I am not mistaken) but surely
we have the right to decline applications especially in light of the fact
that many Irish are disenfranchised in their own country.

What is your solution Mr Shatter or do you believe everything is copacetic?
I believe that with respect to the mass immigration and citizenship issue
you are acting extremely recklessly Mr Shatter and not in the best
interests of the Irish people whom elected you and pay for you.

Yours Faithfully,

Incidentally Alan Shatter was the author of a steamy Fifty Shades of Grey style novel called “Laura”

Here are actual quotes from “Laura”:

“Her inexperienced hands touched him so tentatively that every muscle in his body ached for fulfilment.”

“When he entered her, he knew it was her first time.”

“He moved slowly and she dug her fingers into his back, moaning and gasping for breath.”

When she loosened her grip and her body relaxed, he knew he was going to erupt.”

“She gasped again as he pulled himself free of her and overflowed on her slender body.”

“They were lying on the carpeted floor of his office, the office in which Colette had been working for thirteen months.”

“It was almost midnight and, except for the Gardai at the entrance gates, Leinster House was deserted.”

“No one was there to witness Sean Brannigan and Colette James becoming lovers.”

“She knew that she had been foolish for not taking the necessary precautions herself, but Brannigan had assured her that he always withdrew in time and that she was not at risk.”

“Sean Brannigan had travelled the same road before, but never with a secretary he had known since she was a small child.”

“He told himself (Sean Brannigan) that it was not his fault that the young secretaries around Leinster House were attracted to him.”

[Editor’s Note:

Alan Shatter has done so much for Ireland and so much for Irish literature.

The fact that he himself is the son of Jewish immigrants and can produce such beautiful prose, up there in the top tier with Yeats and Joyce, shows without a doubt that being Irish is just a social construct.]

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