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Over 1,000 “refugees” expected to arrive in Co Kildare in 2017

Well now aren’t we the lucky ones? It seems that the Celtic people of Kildare are going  to have to “welcome” over 1000 invaders ( oh I do mean “poor down-trodden refugees” ) in 2017.

As reported by Kildare Now:

Since August, 130 families moved to the former Hazel Hotel in Monasterevin. According to Mr Power, 60 of these have still not been relocated and will stay in Monastervin over Christmas. The Hazel Hotel  in Monasterevin is the “orientation” centre  for refugees, providing temporary accommodation.

Well that’s very nice. I’m sure that this little homeless Celtic girl will happily sleep under the portico of the GPO so that we can house thousands of invaders.

Over a thousand are anticipated to arrive in Co Kildare  by September next. Ireland is committed to offering asylum to 4,000 Syrian refugees.

Has any of us actually been asked if we want this?

Meanwhile, the Focolare Centre, based in Prosperous, is organising a Christmas fair in aid of refugees in Syria this Saturday from 11am to 4pm. One of the event organisers, Susan Gately said: “We have been very touched by the refugees that we have met. Syria is in our hearts.”

That’s so nice of Susan. But does she actually know what these “Syrian refugees” are doing in Germany?

I guess Susan would not want to know about the true nature of these “poor refugees” as it would go against her demented leftie thinking.

Maybe Susan might change her mind if she saw this footage of “poor Syrian refugees” attempting to rape a young French girl.

State television broadcast footage reveals   a tide of hundreds of refugees walking along a ravaged street, wearing thick clothes against the rain and cold, many with hoods or hats pulled tight around their faces, and hauling sacks or bags of belongings.”

Yes well the media whores of RTE are only too happy to encourage the ethnic cleaning of the Celtic People of Ireland at every opportunity by guilt tripping them into accepting the invasion of our beloved Ireland by millions of turd worlders.

The International Committee for the Red Cross appealed for all sides to spare civilian lives. “As the battle reaches new peaks and the area is plunged into chaos thousands with no part in the violence have literally nowhere safe to run. Speaking to Kildare Now, Mr Power says that the refugees in Co Kildare are ‘happy to be here.’

I’ll bet they are happy to be here. They will be given priority housing ahead of our Celtic People and will be fed and clothed forever and all at our expense. In effect we are paying to have our country invaded. Have you noticed that EVERY week the number of negros and asiatics increases on the streets of every Irish town and city? And if these people are genuine refugees, why then did they not stay in Turkey or go to Israel or Saudi Arabia? Because there are no free handouts there. That’s why.

There are NO legitimate war refugees in Ireland. For someone to claim refugee status they must go to the first safe port of call. Ireland is not any refugee’s first safe port of call. Therefore the traitors of Dail Eireann are deliberating importing millions of turd worlders to change our Celtic country into a turd world hell hole.

In power we will expel all those who arrived on our shores illegally and will hod to account all those who aided and abetted the invasion of Ireland by negros and asiatics.

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