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Barack Obama plans return to Ireland in next year – ambassador

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President of America Barack Obama – Are we so desperate for validation that we need this man to be Irish?


Ireland has its reputation for being welcoming to visitors (visitors…not illegal invaders) so I suppose I can’t be too critical of a visit but the first time Obama came here he required a massive State security operation for what was a very brief visit before making his way to the main event, his U.K. visit.

Another one will just lead to more sycophantic “but he has Irish heritage” fawning over this African man who’s administration has relentlessly drone striked the Middle East and stoked the “refugee crisis” by arming ISIS.

Why is it that people are so desperate to claim this Black man as Irish.

Irish Times:

Outgoing US president Barack Obama is planning to visit the Republic at some point this year, the US ambassador to Ireland has said.

It is almost six years since Mr Obama and first lady Michelle Obama addressed a crowd of about 60,000 people at College Green, Dublin, and spoke warmly of the relationship between Ireland and the United States.

US ambassador to Ireland Kevin O’Malley, who will leave his post on January 20th when businessman Donald Trump is inaugurated, said on Saturday that Mr Obama has indicated he is planning to return in the coming year.

“The last sentence the president said to me on Wednesday of this week, when we were saying goodbye, was ‘please tell them I’m coming’,” said Mr O’Malley. “I think that’s the president’s way of saying informally you will probably see him again, and my guess is in the coming year or so.”

Mr Obama’s eighth cousin Henry Healy from Moneygall, Co Offaly, said an invitation to visit had been extended to Mr Obama in 2013 but that he could not attend due to security issues.

“The president is coming back to Ireland and we would be hopeful he will pay another visit to Moneygall,” said Mr Healy. “He has Irish ancestry here so we’re very much looking forward to having him down again.

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  • FinnShane

    Pathetic. This “President” has been nothing but a race huckster in the style of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. He has consistently held contempt for White people. Obama is practically a prototype for the future “Irishman” that the globalists are dreaming of: an African with just a trace of European genetics, the White and Ethnic identity bred out and in its place a rootless, faithless being who obediently follows his global overlords.