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Almost 8 MILLION Euro spent celebrating a racist act!

Well last Easter 2016 the centenary of the 1916 Rising was “celebrated” by the great and the good of Irish society. The armed forces were well represented of course. The usual selection of “republican” dignitaries were there too. The streets  were lined with thousands of people but best of all, we had people come out of the woodwork to declare that they had a long lost relative who actually took part in the Rising itself. This part was the most amusing as there were very few actually involved in the 1916 rebellion but I suppose people have a great habit of inventing a history when it suits them.

Aside from all of the pomp and ceremony however, is the news that the “celebrations” knocked the tax payer back a whopping 7.7 MILLION Euro!!!

Here are the details:

The Easter Sunday Parade cost 2.3 MILLION Euro to stage. Yes 2.3 Million Euro just so a bunch of people could march down O’Connell Street.

The government mouthpiece RTE was given 2.2 MILLION Euro in handouts just so they could bombard us with politically correct propaganda including trying to convince the Celtic People of Ireland that the mythological Irish Hero Cú Chulainn was an African.  LOL 🙂

Local authorities around the country were given a divvy up of 1 MILLION Euro to do unspecified things. We can imagine where most of that money actually went.

€250,000 was also given to the Department of Foreign Affairs to host commemoration events in Embassies and consulates around the world. That bought a lot of caviar and pink champagne I am sure.

In March 3,500 relatives of those involved in the Rising were brought to the RDS for an event with President Higgins, at a cost of €411,000.  So at a cost of 118 Euro a piece, the “relatives” of those involved in the Rising were brought to the RDS for a knees up with the traitor Higgins.  It’s strange in all of my years living in Ireland I have never EVER met or even heard of anyone who was related to anyone actually involved in the fighting during Easter Week of 1916.

This bit’s good:

€120,000 was spent on wreath laying ceremonies in Dublin. They must have been some wreaths!

But it gets better:

€105,000 was the cost of a wreath laying at Banna Strand in Kerry in honour of Sir Roger Casement. 105,000 Euro for a wreath?

As you can see from the above details, the lads on the inside all did very well out of the “celebrations”.

But you know what the best part of this is? The “great” and the “good” of Irish society spent 7.7 MILLION Euro celebrating a racist act. The 1916 Rising was all about ridding Ireland of a foreign entity – in this case The English. That was a racist act yet not one of the Dail traitors, the RTE media whores or any of the droves of loony lefties spotted the irony of the 1916 “celebrations”.

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