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Sinn Fein’s Michael Mulligan is “shocked”.

One of the “great republicans” of our time, Michael Mulligan, is apparently said to have been “shocked” because some of our native Celts decided to show that they don’t want Ireland flooded with Muslims. That’s right, this wonderful Sinn Fein councillor who, no doubt, was fully in favour of the murder of thousands of our European brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland, says that Celts distributing leaflets around the town of Ballaghadreen warning local people about the true nature of “Muslim refugees” is an act of “hatred”.

The true nature of these “poor Muslim refugees”

I wonder would this illustrious Sinn Fein councillor consider the murder of two police officers ( Det. Garda John Morley and Garda Henry Byrne )  by “republicans” on the 2nd of July 1980 in his town of Ballaghadreen an act of “hatred”. I guess not.

The Irish Examiner reported:

Shock at hate leaflets ahead of 80 refugees’ arrival

Anti-Islamic leaflets have been handed out in Ballaghaderreen ahead of the arrival of some 80 Syrian refugees in the town this month.”

Please note dear reader, that there are NO legitimate war refugees from Syria ( or anywhere else ) looking to get into Europe. Europe does not border any country at war and so is not a first safe port of call for any legitimate war refugee. So the Irish Examiner is simply lying by referring to the Muslim invaders as “refugees”.

The literature makes reference to terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Al Qaeda. It also urges the people of Ballaghaderreen to “preserve freedom in the West” by refusing Muslims entry into Ireland and to “crush them once and for all”. The leaflets is also understood to carry images of rapes, beheadings, and crucifixions.”

And this is regarded as “hate”? Sounds like good advice to me. Islamic State and Al Qaeda ARE Muslim organisations and they are vowed to destroy Europe. If we wish to preserve our freedom from Muslim Sharia Law we must refuse Muslims entry into Ireland.

The leaflets are correct; Muslims are savages.


The top dogs know what Muslims are really like and yet,

Local Sinn Féin councillor Michael Mulligan told The Western People he had been given one of the leaflets and was shocked by its contents.”

In spite of the wave of gang rapes, murders and other crimes that have struck Europe in recent years thanks to the invading Muslim and African hordes, this Sinn Fein traitor is “shocked” that Celtic People should want to inform their fellow Celts of the reality about these “refugees”.

Mulligan is quoted as saying:

“I have to condemn this outright,” said Mr Mulligan. “It is incitement to hatred. I have never seen anything as bad as this leaflet. The whole thing is just shocking.”

He was NOT shocked when European men, women and children were murdered in Northern Ireland by his fellow “republicans” though.

The Examiner continues:

Some 200 refugees are to be housed in the former Abbeyfield Hotel on the outskirts of the town over the next two years.”

Meanwhile thousands of Celtic men, women and children sleep on the streets of our cities and towns across Ireland.

The ethnic makeup of Ballaghadreen is being radically altered for no other reason than to dispossess the Celtic people whose town it has been for centuries.

According to The Irish Times:

A local GAA football star is Pakistani-born Shehroz Akram. He was on the Mayo team that became All-Ireland Under-21 Champions last year.

Oh so “Oirish” don’t you think?

Of Ballaghaderreen’s 1,822 population (2011 census), more than 200 are believed of Pakistani origin. It has not been a problem. The town also has a significant eastern European population. Again, without difficulty.

So how is it that there are over 200 Pakistanis in Ballaghadreen? Were they “Syrian refugees” as well?  Now the town will be “welcoming” another 200 Muslims. How can this not be a problem for our people?

Almost half the children at the local St Attracta’s primary school are foreign-national, as are very many at St Nathy’s College secondary school.”

The Irish Time reporter, Patsy McGarry ( who reports on all things  pro Muslim )  clearly sees that the Celtic People of Ballaghadreen are becoming a minority in their  own town and thinks this is a good thing. This is what McGarry and Mulligan and their kind are working towards:


Who says that White Genocide is not a reality?

Strategically, what occurred was best. It implemented a decision by our democratically elected Government to help the Syrian people and which has widespread public support. Including in Ballaghaderreen.

Where is the evidence for you assertions McGarry? The Celtic People of Ireland have NEVER been asked if they wanted their country given away to invading Africans and Muslims. McGarry you are a traitor and you are a media whore for the Dail traitors. Mulligan you, like all of your Sinn Fein Marxist buddies, are also a traitor. When The Celtic Party of Ireland win power you will be lawfully charged for your crimes of aiding and abetting the invasion of Ireland.

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