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Invaders being smuggled in at Dublin Airport

It is reported today in The Independent:

All you need to know about the alleged immigrant smuggling ring at Dublin Airport

How typical of a left wing mouthpiece  like the Independent to report all that it’s editor thinks we need “to know”. Talk about arrogance! The article continues in a kind of dramatic questions/answers format:

1. What is going on?

Two Aer Lingus employees were among three men arrested by gardai last night in an investigation into international illegal immigrant smuggling network through Dublin Airport. The third man arrested is a “potential illegal immigrant who illegally entered the state” and was facilitated by the two suspects.

The three men, aged 28, 56 and 61, were arrested at Dublin Airport and are being detained at Ballymun and Coolock garda stations.

So here we have an “illegal immigrant” helping his kind to invade our country. Very “enriching”!  I wonder what the nationality of the two employees is? The last time I used Dublin Airport I saw an African baggage handler wandering around under a parked up plane. With “enriching” employees like that it makes one think when one reads of things like this incident , this incident, and this incident. But let’s not forget that these “enriching” Africans are “doing the jobs the Irish won’t do”. In other words, Aer Lingus did not exist before we imported African “diversity”. LOL

But I digress. The article continues:

2. What is the background?

The employees are suspected of using catering vehicles to move illegal immigrants directly from planes that landed in Dublin Airport to a car-park outside the facility.

Gardai believe that the scam has been ongoing for a number of years and more than 500 people have been smuggled into Ireland this way.It is believed that those involved in the smuggling operation could have been charging between €10,000 and €30,000 for illegal immigrants to be brought to Ireland.

Immigrants from all over the world are believed to have arrived in Ireland illegally during its years in operation.

This gang who have been aiding and abetting the invasion of Ireland over the past number of years, charge invaders between €10,000 and €30,000 a throw. This finally puts to bed the lie that the main stream media whores constantly shove down our throats about “poor helpless refugees escaping war”.

3. Have Aer Lingus responded?

Yes. A spokesperson released a statement this morning, reading: “Aer Lingus can confirm that two of its employees have been arrested by an Garda Siochana at Dublin Airport. Aer Lingus is co-operating fully with an Garda Siochana in their investigation.”As this is an on-going criminal investigation we have no further comment to make.”

4. Has there been any political reaction?

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald welcomed the arrests. “What’s important is that it is fully investigated and any breaches, if there are breaches, are examined fully and that we get to the facts in relation to this,” she said.

“I welcome the work of An Garda Siochana in dealing with this issue but, as I say, this is an international issue. We work on this day-in, day-out in relation to our borders and our airports. “It’s very early in the investigation. Let’s see what facts emerge.  Let’s see what the lessons are from this. There’s a full garda investigation underway and we have to wait the outcome of that to see where the facts lead us.”

Ha ha ha, isn’t it typical of a traitor politico like Fitzgerald to attempt to pass the buck making out it is an “international  issue”!  What a joke. A bunch of invaders are using our main airport to help other invaders attack our country and this silly feminist thinks it’s an “international issue”. What kind of people vote for politicos like this?

6. What’s next?

Gardaí are now searching safe houses and a number of homes in Dublin this afternoon. Detectives are also searching cars, trucks and airport vehicles and are attempting to follow the money trail by examining bank accounts.

The Gardai ( police ) know of safe houses used to smuggle invaders into Ireland, so why have they not been searched up to now? Maybe the Gardai were afraid of being called names like “racist”! Further, since they will be looking at the money trail, the invaders who paid this gang should be identified and deported. We will see it that happens. We may be left waiting a a long, long time though.

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