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Enda Kenny Gave Inaccurate Information… by accident of course

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ENDA KENNY HAS stated that he gave inaccurate information in relation Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone’s telling him she was going to meet with garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe.

Speaking today during Leaders’ Questions, Kenny said that Zappone had earlier not told him that she was going to meet with McCabe before their meeting, but that her office had contacted his office in relation to the meeting.

He had previously told RTÉ’s This Week on Sunday that Zappone had told him she would be meeting with McCabe.

The Taoiseach told the programme that as “Minister Zappone, who is doing a very good job, was meeting Maurice McCabe in a private capacity I simply said ‘do make sure you have a very thorough account of it’”.

Speaking today in the Dáil. Kenny corrected that statement. In response to a question from Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin, he said:

“I might say mea culpa, because I am guilty here of not giving accurate information.”

“I understood from thinking myself that she had asked me about meeting Sergeant McCabe in the first place.”


So there you have it, a man’s life is destroyed when he challenges the corrupt State apparatus but what really gets me is that they are so incompetent about it. The aren’t even competent when it comes to their corruption!

Giving inaccurate information when you know that information to be inaccurate is also called lying by the way.


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  • Mr Ed

    I despise Edna oh sorry Enda, with a vengeance.
    I bet his puppet masters, Soros and Sutherland are very proud of him.
    What have they got on him? Blackmail is their usual strategy and it usually involves children.