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The ‘oirish’ Muslim known as Ibrahim Halawa

According to the aptly named Liberal.ie:

Ibrahim Halawa’s trial has been delayed for a 19th time. He remains in custody without trial.

Yes folks an innocent Garda is being hounded by the top dogs but all the MSM media whores can talk about is this Muslim invader.

In spite of appearances to the contrary, he’s apparently supposed to be on hunger strike. LOL

The media whores of RTE and The Irish Times et. al. will all wax lyrical about how this ‘oirish’ Muslim is being held without trial and how he is innocent etc. etc. etc. But this is a link to a very thorough article setting out the actual facts about this enricher.


Halawa is a Muslim terrorist who went to Egypt to support Islamic terrorism but like all of the other Dail ( Irish Parliament ) traitors, those great “republicans” of Sinn Fein have no problem with this little fact. But then Adams and Co. are very good at making excuses for the IRA who busily went around murdering our fellow European men, women and children in Northern Ireland.

  This ‘oirish’ citizen destroyed his Irish passport.

Recently a bunch of politicians went on a junket to Egypt to look for the release of this terrorist. http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/dail-delegation-to-meet-with-ibrahim-halawa-today-771771.html

and were treated by the Egyptian authorities with the disdain they rightly deserved.

Garda Maurice McCabe is being targeted by the top dogs because he exposed the corruption of Allan (((Avrum))) Shatter (amongst others) and yet all that the media whores can bleat about is the cause of an ever so ‘oirish’ Muslim terrorist.

But the Celtic People of Ireland are waking up. Here are a few screen shots of the comments section:

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