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Homeless and Dead

This is Mossy Quinlan, or rather this WAS Mossy Quinlan. You see Mossy’s dead body was found floating in the River Lee ( Cork)  on Sunday the 5th of February 2017. He had been homeless for over five years.

In that time period thousands of blacks and Muslims have been “welcomed” into Ireland and given free everything – including  houses. Yet our people languish on the streets.

As reported in The Longford Leader:

A father and his three children are sleeping on the streets of Longford tonight because they cannot secure appropriate accommodation. Carl O’Leary and the children, aged one, three and 12 had been staying with Mr O’Leary’s first cousin in Drumlish after the family left England in November to come to Longford. However, in the intervening weeks, the landlord of the property in Drumlish asked Mr O’Leary to vacate the premises with his children on several occasions. The Englishman says that he has been in contact with Longford Co Council seven times in an effort to secure a house for the family, and says he has been told there is nothing the local authority can do for him and his only option is to return to England.

Now why can’t they tell every third world invader to go back to their own country? I’ll tell you why, because the top dogs WANT Ireland flooded with blacks and Muslims so as to make the Celtic People a minority. That’s why.

As reported on BreakingNews.ie:

New figures show homelessness has climbed to its highest ever level. 7,167 people are homeless in Ireland, according to the January [2017] figures.

According the Dail traitor and current housing minister, Simon Coveney, “the rate of increase is slowing“. But it’s still increasing and it’s no surprise when Muslims and blacks are being given housing priority on every county council waiting list in the country.

This is the traitor Simon Coveney.

The Celtic People of Ireland are being dispossessed by the traitors of Dail Eireann ( Irish Parliament ). In power The Celtic Party will provide proper housing for all of our people. We will also hold traitors like Coveney to account for their actions.

If you want to help save our Celtic People, our Celtic Culture and our Celtic Country then Join us: info@thecelticparty.org

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  • Ludwig van Eller

    It’s really terrible to read how Irish people are being neglected in their own homeland; this abuse is occurring throughout the Western World. You are absolutely correct in stating that the top dogs are encouraging the extermination of the Celtic people, they want all White people, worldwide, to be racially replaced. Mossy Quinlan’s story could be any of ours, we cannot depend on justice from our governments.

    The top dogs are foreigners to Europe.