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Surprise, Surprise: Low-Income People More Likely to be Against Immigration

As reported in the Irish Independent:

The unemployed and people in low-paying jobs are most resistant to immigrants coming to Ireland as the country’s attitude to immigration becomes divisive, according to a new Sunday Independent/Kantar Millward Brown poll.

More than half (53pc) of Ireland’s unemployed or low-skilled workers are concerned that immigrants are more likely to claim social welfare payments.

The thousands of savages being imported into Ireland are being given priority housing and this has the effect of artificially inflating house prices which impacts low income Celts most.

The labour market is being flooded with cheap labour which has the effect of depressing low incomes.

Most, if not all, of the invaders go directly onto social welfare so this has the effect of reducing the amount of money available for Celtic people who are out of work.

All in all the multi-culti experiment results in a triple whammy against lower income native Celtic People of Ireland.

The poll shows those from more affluent backgrounds view immigration as a good thing, with 61pc of professional classes believing a mix of races, ethnic groups and nationalities helps make Ireland a better place to live.

Naturally those with larger incomes have the money to insulate themselves from the effect of all of the “enrichment”. Foxrock in Dublin won’t have many Muslims or blacks amongst it’s well manicured mansions.

You will notice, dear reader, that this alleged “professional class” never actually explain how flooding Ireland with low IQ Muslims and blacks “will make Ireland a better place to live”. Certainly the experience of Germans, French, Swedish, Italian, Greek and English people would prove otherwise.

When asked if they are concerned at the possibility of terrorists exploiting Ireland’s migrant programme, 62pc said yes. One-quarter (26pc) said they were not worried.

In spite of the efforts of the FAKE NEWS outfits like RTE ( Irish state television ) to convince them otherwise, almost  two thirds of our people know full well that the invaders are lawless savages bent on our destruction.

Dr Ali Selim, a senior member of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, Dublin, said people had no need to be concerned and huge efforts were being made to make Ireland a more inclusive place for Muslims living here.

Yea we can trust this slimey Muslim.

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