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Liberal type “progress in the current year”

We are endlessly told by “liberals” ( otherwise known as Marxist dictators ) that Ireland is making “great social progress in the current year” so I thought I would put a little report together to demonstrate the kind of progress they actually mean.

As reported in The Irish Times:

A bill to reduce the penalty for an illegal abortion from 14 years in prison to €1 has been overwhelmingly defeated in the Dáil.”

Now what kind of creature would sponsor such a bill, I hear you ask. This kind:

This horrible witch is Brid Smith of the Marxist “People Before Profit” brigade and like all Marxists she is determined to undermine the heterosexual family unit at all costs.

The Sinn Fein mob decided to sit on the fence on this one however which did not please the witch Smith very much.

Sinn Féin abstained on the vote, leading to criticism from the Ms Smith, who criticised Sinn Féin at a “Repeal the Eighth” rally outside Leinster House on Wednesday evening.”

Yea the shinners know then they are on a hiding to nothing. But like all lefties they are totally in favour of allowing women to murder their children.

The Celtic Party is totally against removing the protection for our children in our constitution. We fully support the 8th Amendment.

Moving right along, as reported in The Irish Times:

A Longford-based Pakistani businessman has called on the Government or Roscommon County Council to build a mosque in Ballaghaderreen.

No folks, your eyes are not deceiving you. A Muslim invader from Pakistan wants our taxes to pay to convert Ireland into a Muslim country. You might wonder what is a Pakistani even doing in Ireland. Well apparently these Muslim creatures provide “enrichment” of some kind.

Muhammad Aslam has also claimed that estate agents discriminate against Pakistanis and that bringing Syrian refugees to Ballaghaderreen “is punishment for them”.

Well Muhammad I have a very simple solution to this problem. You should go back to Pakistan where you obviously belong and those “Syrians” should go back to where ever they actually come from too. There, I told you it was a simple solution.

Oh such “progress” I can hardly contain my excitement. LOL

As reported in The Liberal.ie:

A County Councillor from Duleek, County Meath, posted a very serious warning to parents late last night after a child confided in her that there was an attempted abduction made of her and another girl.

Yes folks Rotherham style Muslim rape gangs are in Ireland already.

Councillor Sharon Keogan posted the following message on Facebook which has since gone viral. She advised of a young girl telling her of an attempted abduction made on her and another young girl.

Here’s the message this left wing councillor posted:

Warning to young girls, teenagers and parents. 
I’ve just been contacted by a very brave young girl who reported to me that earlier today, a man tried to lure herself and another teen into his car in Duleek.  I’ve told her to report to Garda immediately.  This man was driving a silver car, tanned, spoke with a foreign accent and was wearing a red & yellow baseball hat.
He was using alcohol as an encouragement to seduce the girls into the car with him, driving up and down the road asking them both to get in with him. 
Girls, please be careful, we parents often tell you as young children do not get in with strangers.  This advice we give for many good reasons.  Far too many young girls go missing, get raped or attacked because of pure innocence or stupidity.  Thankfully these 15 year olds had good sense.  I’m sure Spar or the Credit Union will have CCTV available to identified this man, and if that was my daughter he was trying to lure, I would hope to god the Gardai got him first.  Be careful and report these men to Gardai. Ring 999 immediately girls if this happens.

This is the councillor in question:

Nothing like a good old facelift and a bit of Photoshop to sort things out eh Sharon?

This insane left wing “councillor” inverts the responsibility onto the two White girls but fails to acknowledge that the “tanned foreigner”  ( read, Muslim invader ) should not even be in Ireland to threaten our young girls and women. According to Keogan, young girls get raped because of their “pure innocence or stupidity

Eh, no Sharon, they get raped because you and all of the other insane left wing politicos are hell bend on flooding Ireland with the savages of the kind who do this:


and this:


and this:



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