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The Hate Crime Putsch.

The Hate Crime Putsch.
Subversion of the Irish legal system & Constitution by NGO


Today, Thursday, 23rd of March 2017, we witness the opening salvo of an attack on both the Irish Constitution and Justice system. A motley collection of NGO’s, TD’s and “interested parties” (17 separate NGO’s are part of the official campaign, but numerous more individuals and organisations are presenting) making up the National Steering Group Against Hate Crime, a “hearing” in advance of introduction of the “hate crime” Bill at the Dail level. Which at this point, passage can be seen as a formality, as with “Traveller ethnicity bill” which went unopposed through same process. All Bills such as this have an arranged passage and the whip system will ensure no dissent is brooked. Though contacting your local TD is a worthwhile measure, as always.


For those not familiar with the proposed Bill, ENAR (European Network Against Racism), a Soros funded org, are the nominal drafters, with Fianna Fail’s Fiona O’Loughlin the political face of the bill. A bill, that in reality has birthed from a mutating collective of NGO’s and marxist academics stretching right back into the 90’s. It would be a mistake to focus on the origin of this push, however, when the war is at your gates, so a focus on the present day actors will be point of this article.

For brevity, I will include a brief list of NGO’s at the end of the article rather than an exhaustive overview of their actions and lobbying efforts, such a comprehensive investigation is beyond the scope of the article which will merely look at the result of those efforts, the proposed Hate Crime Bill. A Bill that has seen no opposition or debate, just submissions in favour of, a dearth of any intellectual inquiry and zero press or civil liberties pushback, in what has been a long mooted perversion of the Irish justice system.

As I have said, the “Hate Crime” Bill in some form or another has been in gestation since the early 90’s, it has long been a goal of “civil society” activists and sociological pseudo scientists. Their contention being, that positivist law will create their utopian ideal of society, outcomes, or rather, very spurious alleged outcomes, outweigh all rights. That to do such a thing will subvert the constitution, individual rights, is no barrier, for they are ordained by left wing virtue.

There is no reasoning with a person who thinks one rape victim more scarred by such a heinous crime, by dint of skin colour, sexuality or otherwise. To get to the crux of all hate crime advocacy is to stare at pure illogic, a metaphysical and completely intangible factor, “hate”, is to be weighed and counted by the courts, rendering victims of the same crime as worthy and unworthy. Creating an inequality that these NGO’s nominally “fight against”. Creating sentencing disparity between victims of the same crime, some equality.

The results of the proposed bill besides being utterly amorphous (what is hate, how can you define it tangibly, you cannot) also fly in the face of article 40.1 of the constitution, “all citizens shall be held equal before the law”. This Bill flies in the face of age old concepts of justice and natural law. It’s is a purely positivist endeavour, it puts outcomes above rights and justice.

The second aspect, that is more insidious, relates to the speech codes it proposes. Blasphemy codes for the liberal clergy, wrong-thinkers punished for having the temerity to fall foul of ever increasing state reach, a rabbit hole that one only has to look at the Orwellian UK (prison for ‘offensive’ tweets) to see how sprawling the law becomes. Defending equal treatment of violent criminals who may have had a racist motive, may not be a popular stance, however defining people who use unpopular speech as criminals, is surely a worthy and popular stance that everyone of rational mind can stand behind.

The speech codes proposed renders discourse critical of the modern liberal agenda on Islam, multiculturalism at risk of being classed as an indictable offence with a serious prison term backing it up if we look to the UK or Europe to see outcomes of similar legislation.

To give an illustration of the type of discourse they are aiming to see criminalised see  James Carr, lecturer in sociology at the University of Limerick,  claiming, in the European Islamophobia Report 2016 that “even those articles that evidenced some nuance continue to co-locate the word “Islamic” with terms such as “terror attack”; “terrorists”; “extremists”. Now that is mainstream newspaper discourse, and in the context of “nuance” aka articles he, a left wing academic, deemed “fair”, yet it is still “problematic”. Nothing short of a total shutdown of all critique is acceptable.

That no critique of his stance, and others like him who seek to shut down speech, has emanated from any of the political class illustrates how cosy the relationship between newspapers, politicians and the NGO sector is.The press report press releases from NGOs as fact, and politicians engage uncritically with their lobbying efforts to take your rights away. It is a corrupt triumvirate that if not opposed will gut both the criminal justice system and your constitutional rights in short order, all in the name of equality and anti racism.

Todays action is coordinated to fall during the NGO invented and driven(By Soros and EU funding) “National Action Against Hate Week”. We have seen Lucy Michael’s(a left wing academic) “iReport” a self reporting “hate crime” survey site report a “massive” rise in “hate crime” reported as fact by the usual media outlets(journal.ie, Indo, Irish Times). Followed by articles released by other NGO’s along the same theme printed verbatim, all part of the push to give the impression of a climate and country, desperately lawless, in need of the panacea of hate crime legislation, conveniently ignoring criminal law covers all tangible harm they claim remains unaddressed.

Not one academic or NGO present at the briefing outlined how creating a two tier justice system will benefit victims or lower violent crime. It was a charade of a hearing in which over 20 NGO’s presented “evidence” that someone choosing not to report crime already dealt with by statute will somehow be remedied by legislating “hate” into criminal law.

To illustrate what a farce this “steering group” event was, one such “academic”, Jennifer Schweppe from UL, citing completely unreliable and uncitable iReport figures[, claimed that “only 28% of victims of serious racist violence report to Gardai”. A frankly unbelievable claim that 62% of violent crime in whatever strata of society she gleaned the data from, did not report violent crime. It also illustrates the futility of the “hate crime” endeavour, violent crime is crime, adding “hate” as solution to “62%” non-reporting rate is farcical.

For a moment, if we were to assume honest intentions from these NGO types, one would posit they are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, community policing and increasing trust in the Gardaí is the solution to their named problems, not adding unwieldy metaphysical definitions to criminal law. That, however assumes honesty, which was not on display, it’s a power grab, a codifying of their brand of justice and their brand of law and sociology.

This legislation will not solve anything, it will however create space for the NGO industry to spread and claim more funding and more influence, as cataloguer and solution provider to what will be, an ever increasing sector, the “hate” sector. Whole departments, more EU funding, cited as experts, it’s a parasitic industry that has no reason to exist beyond fuelling own growth. With this legislation in place will these groups scale back their lobbying efforts? As we have seen on the continent and in the USA, the answer is no, there is no respite. This Bill and the ones that will inevitably follow must be opposed, write to your TD, write to journalists, anything, voice your opposition.

Groups present: iReport, ENAR, Hate and Hostility Research Group, NXF.ie, pavee point, immigrant council of ireland, Transgender equality network ireland, Irish council for civil liberties, Doras lumni, Action Against racism, sport against racism ireland, rape crisis network ireland, inclusion Ireland, International hate studies These are roughly the main players involved.

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