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The Irish Times Cares More About Foreigners Than Irish

As is customary in Leftard rags worldwide, Irish #Fakenews demonstrates daily that it’s primary interest is in humanitarian posturing, rather than representing the interests of its presumably 90% Irish reader base.

Today’s example comes from the Irish Times, which frets about the impact of Brexit on EU nations which have practically no historical ties to Ireland whatsoever.

The EU is the largest and most deleterious source of replacement migration which hurts all national interests, including those of the native Irish people. This is part of the The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which was a framework designed specifically to water down and weaken the demographic integrity of member nation states. In plain English, to replace millennia of mostly stable ethnic relations within and between European nationalities.

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Despite this, they would have us believe that pursuing national interests, such as UK national interests represented by Brexit, actually undermine national interests (!).

Poland is the biggest net recipient of EU aid and also the continent’s largest provider of cross-border labour. And it’s in the arrivals halls at provincial airports like this former military base 160km (99 miles) north of Warsaw where those two things meet. 

Refurbished using 121 million zloty (€28.5m) of EU cash, the airport revolves around servicing some of the almost one million Poles living and working in Britain, a third of all EU nationals residing in the country. Now, not only is their status in doubt, there’s also going to be less money as the EU loses its biggest net contributor after Germany.

Indeed. So what we have here is essentially a parasitic relationship equivalent to the relationship between Mexico and America, in which great masses of alien products (including drugs) and cheap labour flood into the country. In Ireland as in Britain, every day this experiement goes on, there are fewer traditional neighborhoods, fewer homes, and fewer jobs for native citizens.

The onset of Brexit could hardly have come at a worse time for the country. Its nationalist government is increasingly isolated in Brussels after trying to oust EU president Donald Tusk, a former Polish premier. At the same time, the country relies on EU investments to prevent the economy from slowing.

They will have us believe (despite Eastern European nations such as Poland being 95%-97% ethnic) that the EU is a great thing for Ireland, and a mutually beneficial relationship. Meanwhile the financial wealth of Western countries is transferred to the East to build roads, tunnels, and bridges that only they will use.

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Welcome to Ireland, or is it Poland? Nothing to see here folks.


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According to the Irish Times, and the rest of the Irish #FakeNews propasphere, we must be more concerned with the benefits experienced by various classes of parasites. This of course includes the tens of thousands (on the way to hundreds of thousands) of Islamic rapefugees. Lovely! What could go wrong?




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