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About Us

The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland is a political organization committed to preserving and promoting our Celtic culture and people. We believe in equal rights for all the Peoples of mankind, including the Celtic people. We do not advocate anything for European/Celtic people that we would not freely grant to ALL other peoples. In fact the same rights we advocate for Celtic people also apply to the Jewish people in Israel, the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, the Tibetan people in Tibet, etc. We support self-determination, freedom, and self-preservation for all peoples.

The Celtic People of Ireland have seen in the past twenty years huge change foisted upon them by the main political parties. These parties, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, labour and Sinn Fein do not represent the Celtic People of Ireland. How can they when they take donations from national and non-national multi-millionaires more concerned with increasing

The planned genocide of the Celtic People of Ireland

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their wealth and at the same time overseeing the destruction of our People, culture, traditions and moral values. The main political parties in Ireland are all in favour of closer European integration and the destruction of the nation states of Europe. A state that cannot enforce it’s borders ceases to be an independent state. Our ethnicity as Celts is closely tied to our nation as a separate entity on the edge of the European continent.

We Celts have faced 700 years of theft and oppression culminating in the famine of the 1840’s when our population was halved by starvation and forced emigration. Our people died by the hundreds of thousands for lack of food and yet all the while grain was exported under armed guard from the docks of Dublin to be sold by the international bankers on the London Stock Exchange. This was a deliberate act of ethnic cleansing; a crime against the Celtic people of Ireland which no one has ever been held accountable for.

In the past 20 years the population of Ireland has grown by some 20% and this has primarily been due to immigration of peoples who are not of our culture. The percentage of native Celts in Ireland is on the decline as a consequence. At the current rate of influx we Celtic people will be a minority in our own homeland by the year 2050. This is nothing less than deliberate population displacement – a crime against humanity according to the UN Genocide Convention. The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland is vowed to halting immigration into Ireland in order to save our people, our culture and our homeland.

If you still think that the major political parties in this country represent your interests consider this:
1. No one voted for the influx of hundreds of thousands of people into our country who have under-cut our wage levels and placed a massive extra burden on our health, education and social welfare services. We got it none the less!
2. No one voted for property tax levied on private homes but we got that as well!
3. No one voted for water charges which will of course lead to privatization of our water system but we got that too!