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The War in the Trees

It had all the makings of a great day, the guests had arrived from far and wide, and the presents had been generous and plentiful. After the wedding breakfast the guests gathered to watch in anticipation of what the wicker hamper carefully placed on the lawn contained, a special gift …

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Liberal type “progress in the current year”

We are endlessly told by “liberals” ( otherwise known as Marxist dictators ) that Ireland is making “great social progress in the current year” so I thought I would put a little report together to demonstrate the kind of progress they actually mean. As reported in The Irish Times: “A …

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Homeless and Dead

This is Mossy Quinlan, or rather this WAS Mossy Quinlan. You see Mossy’s dead body was found floating in the River Lee ( Cork)  on Sunday the 5th of February 2017. He had been homeless for over five years. In that time period thousands of blacks and Muslims have been …

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The ‘oirish’ Muslim known as Ibrahim Halawa

According to the aptly named Liberal.ie: “Ibrahim Halawa’s trial has been delayed for a 19th time. He remains in custody without trial.” Yes folks an innocent Garda is being hounded by the top dogs but all the MSM media whores can talk about is this Muslim invader. In spite of …

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Invaders being smuggled in at Dublin Airport

It is reported today in The Independent: “All you need to know about the alleged immigrant smuggling ring at Dublin Airport“ How typical of a left wing mouthpiece  like the Independent to report all that it’s editor thinks we need “to know”. Talk about arrogance! The article continues in a …

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