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Our Constitution

Celtic People’s Party of Ireland is a political organization committed to preserving and promoting our Celtic culture and people. We believe in equal rights for all the Peoples of mankind, including the Celtic people. We do not advocate anything for European/Celtic people that we would not freely grant to ALL other peoples. In fact the same rights we advocate for Celtic people also apply to the Jewish people in Israel, the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, the Tibetan people in Tibet, etc. We support self-determination, freedom, and self-preservation for all peoples. Our political goal is the national / cultural renewal of Ireland as the historic home of the Celtic Irish people.

The Constitution of The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland[30th April 2015]

  1. The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland ( hereafter referred to as ‘The Party’ ) is an organization whose aim is to achieve political power at the ballot box so as to form a government that will protect and promote the social, moral and economic interests of The Celtic People of Ireland. The Party is neither left, centre nor right wing – to use the commonly accepted parlance. The Party represents a new force in Irish politics and should be considered a Disciplinarian party which seeks to promote the health and well being of The Celtic People of Ireland in tune with Natural Law. The Party does not believe in discriminating against any minority currently living in Ireland but recognizes that the culture of the Celtic people is unique to Ireland. It is the aim of The Party to be authoritative but NOT authoritarian in all matters pertaining to the health and well being of the Celtic People of Ireland.
  2. Every member will sign a LAWFULLY binding contract with the Leader to serve the interests of The Party to the very best of their ability at all times. Amongst other things, this requires that every member must be of good moral character and of sound mind. Any member who breaks said contract resulting in damage to The Party will be pursued with the full rigor of Common Law in order to protect the good name of The Party. Every member is expected to act as a role model to represent all that is good in our Celtic culture. Accordingly any form of illegal or self destructive activity will result in the immediate expulsion of the offender from The Party. These rules apply to every member up to and including the recognized Leader. Membership of The Party is exclusive of membership to any other political organization deemed to work against the aims of The Party.
  3. The Party has no truck with violence or with violent organizations – especially paramilitary organizations and will not tolerate any form of vigilantism from it’s members. Any such activity will result in immediate expulsion.
  4. The Party is totally committed to renegotiating the relationship of Ireland with the European Union. The Party will reclaim TOTAL control of the borders of Ireland and will stop all immigration into Ireland except from The Celtic diaspora and to fill skills gaps. We will not implement any EU directives which we consider to be harmful to our people or our culture.
  5. The Party is totally committed to the rule of Common Law in Ireland. As such all aspects of Maritime Law will be abandoned – along with the punitive punishments associated with it.
  6. The Party will take part in local, national and European elections and will run candidates as are deemed appropriate to the particular constituency to be contested. The Party will also participate in any referendums as may be held. Until The Party achieves a significant presence in parliament every candidate must sign a contract stating that, if elected, they will be prepared to donate 50% of their net parliamentary salary back to The Party.
  7. All elected party members will be expected to take their seats in the parliament to which they are elected. Abstention-ism will not be allowed.
  8. The Party may from time to time cooperate with other parties but only if said cooperation furthers the aims of The Party.
  9. The Party will raise funds in any LAWFUL manner deemed appropriate by the Leader. This will include direct monthly subscriptions from all members. It may also include financial donations or the provision of materials and or voluntary work for The Party and it’s activities. Any member whose subscription lapses by more than a calendar month will be considered to have resigned from The Party.
  10. The Party will employ those it deems fit to run the organizational structure nationwide. Local cumman will have the power to make local administrative policy as is deemed necessary by the cumman chairman. All Party policy and changes to policy will be decided with the approval of the Leader at all times. The Leader of the party will maintain a veto on policy but with this power will come the responsibility to have to submit to reelection by the entire membership every 48 calendar months. Election for the post of Party Leader will be by postal ballot. All paid up members who are in good standing shall be eligible to vote in said ballot. A successful candidate must have at least two thirds of the membership voting in favour.
  11. All financial accounts kept by The Party will be available at all times for examination online by any member. The Party aims for total financial transparency. Any attempt at fraud by any member ( including the Leader ) will result in immediate expulsion from The Party and LAWFUL prosecution.
  12. Any member of The Party wishing to be put forward as an official candidate in any election must apply in writing to the leader of The Party. Such applications without exception, shall make a full disclosure of any material fact, political or personal (whether or not the material fact arose before or after this constitution came into force), that has or may have a bearing on their suitability for selection as a candidate and shall provide full details in writing of the same to the party leader. The duty of providing full disclosure continues after a candidate is selected and failure to provide full disclose of any material fact will result in dismissal from The Party.
  13. This constitution will come into force immediately.
  14. Proposals for amendments to this constitution can be made at any time by any member of The Party. Any such proposals must be made in writing to the leader. A postal ballot will determine if any such proposal is to be accepted. A successful proposal must have at least two thirds of the membership voting in it’s favour.
  15. Amendments will be considered only in so far as they DO NOT change in any way the central motivation of The Party which is to promote the interests of and protect the Celtic People of Ireland from multiculturalism and “money at interest” debt now and in the future. Furthermore, amendments will not be allowed if they in any way constitute a threat to the well being and good health of the Celtic People of Ireland now or at any time in the future.