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The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland is a political organization committed to preserving and promoting our Celtic culture and people. We believe in equal rights for all the Peoples of mankind, including the Celtic people. We do not advocate anything for European/Celtic people that we would not freely grant to ALL other peoples. In fact the same rights we advocate for Celtic people also apply to the Jewish people in Israel, the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, the Tibetan people in Tibet, etc. We support self-determination, freedom, and self-preservation for all peoples. Our political goal is the national / cultural renewal of Ireland as the historic home of the Celtic Irish people.

Our principal policy announcements.

  1. The Economy
  2. Housing
  3. Law and Order
  4. Education
  5. Foreign Policy
  6. Race

Our Economy

1. Finance and The National Debt

If a person owes a money debt then that person is subservient to and at the whim of his lender. In the very same way, if a country owes a foreign debt then that country is subservient to and at the whim of the foreign lender. Along with this comes the very real possibility of corruption of the political process by the foreign lender. It is therefore imperative if our country is to again regain it’s independence we must abolish all forms of foreign borrowing. We will pay down and eventually abolish all foreign debt and will enact a constitutional amendment to outlaw any future foreign borrowing

In order to finance our domestic policies and at the same time maintain our connection to the Euro, we propose to introduce a dual financial system. We will re-introduce the Irish pound to be used for all local transactions for domestically produced goods and services. All foreign transactions will still be conducted using the Euro currency. When the Irish pound is re-introduced we will fix it’s value to the Euro. This value will not vary as we will supply enough local currency for all of our local economic needs. Thus we will practically eliminate the fluctuations of inflation and depression from our local economy and at the same time be able to fully mobilize our work force in order to rebuild our country.

2. Employment

We pledge to achieve actual FULL employment within five years if not sooner. This will not be like the “full employment” we allegedly reached during the infamous “Celtic Tiger” years when the actual level of unemployment never fell below 150,000 on the live register. Yet during this time the politicians in power still thought it a good idea to flood our country with cheap labour from Eastern Europe and elsewhere!

Using our re-introduced Irish pound ( the supply of which will be under our control ) we will be able to finance a program of getting our people back to work. However, this will not be some grandiose make work scheme. We intend to use the skills of our people to their best effect. Every able bodied man and woman who wants to contribute to the rebuilding of our country will be given the chance and the backing to be able to do so. Every area of our economy will benefit from the additional economic activity which will in turn promote employment and investment. In only a few years our infrastructure will be the best in the world. Our social services will have the financial backing that they need in order to do their work properly. Our health service will be able to properly address the needs of our people and it will be provided free as a right to all not as a privilege to the wealthy few.

It is also our intention to use our embassies around the world to run programs to encourage our Celtic people to return to Ireland where they will be able to use their skills to further enhanse our economy and country.

3. Health

The health of the Celtic people of Ireland should be of paramount concern to any government. Sadly we have seen over many decades that, no matter the party(s) in power, our health system is second rate at best. Even worse there is a two tier system where we have good health care on demand for those who can afford it and anyone else can go and wait their turn. That wait has proven fatal for many over the years.

The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland will invest heavily in every aspect of our health care system with both infrastructural and staffing levels increased to a level commensurate with the requirements of our people and their well-being. We will also encourage the Celtic diaspora abroad to return home to help in this great project. Our education system will be reorganized to train consultants, doctors and nurses of all levels and disciplines. Our aim would be to have no waiting lists of any kind ( except for transplants ) within five years of taking office.

4. Taxation

All forms of local taxation will be abolished – including property tax and water charges. No local economic activity will attract tax of any kind. Tax on labour will also be abolished. In order to reduce our need for foreign imports of oil we will actively encourage people to buy and use the most economical cars available. Cars with an engine size of 1300cc or less will attract NO road taxes of any kind. This will have the effect of not only reducing our need for foreign oil but will also make our economy more competitive since our transport cost base will be drastically reduced. To further help in this regard we intend to abolish all road tolls on the roads of Ireland. The Irish people have already paid for these roads and should not be made to pay for them over and over again.

In an effort to encourage our people to buy locally, all imported goods and services will still attract taxation and this tax will be payable in Euros.

5. Families and Housing

We will create a program of house building across the country to address the housing needs of our people. To promote the development of strong healthy families we will encourage people to marry and have children. Each newly married couple will be given a no interest loan to buy one of the state built houses. The loan will be reduced by 25% with the birth of their first child. It will be reduced by a further 25% with the birth of the second child. The third child will reduce it again by 25% and with the birth of the fourth child the loan will be reduced to zero. It is our intention to improve social services so that people experiencing difficulties will have professional help available to them at all times. This will further our aim of encouraging the promotion and development of healthy and happy families which will result in a healthy and happy population.

The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland is very definitely a PRO-LIFE party and is, therefore, totally opposed to abortion on demand. We will create a strong support system to help any woman with an unplanned pregnancy.

5. Farming and Fishing

We will free our farmers from the shackles of EU dictates with the aim of achieving self sufficiency in food production. Such policies as ‘set-aside’ where farmers are told what bits of their land they can and cannot use will be thrown out and our farmers, who after all are the one’s who know best how to use their land, will be free to decide how their land is best used in order to help feed our people. With our system of local finance using our Irish pound we will encourage farmers to invest in modern market gardening techniques so that we can have fresh food all year around for the betterment and good health of our people. Genetically modified food and crops will be banned. We will also help the farming community re-establish the sugar beet growing industry in Ireland which was shamefully taken away from us by EU dictate.

Our fishing industry will similarly be freed from EU dictates and we will use our navy to fully defend our 50 mile exclusion zone around our island of Ireland for the exclusive use of our fishermen. Further with our system of local finance using our Irish pound we will invest in a new fishing fleet and will re-invigorate our boat building industry.

6. Transport

The bus and rail transportation system will be firmly kept in state ownership and we will seek an amendment to the constitution to enshrine this in law. We are totally opposed to any form of privatization of any aspect of our transport system. This includes road tolls which will be abolished completely. Our motorway system will be extended where necessary but our national and minor roads will have heavy investment in them to bring them up to European standards.

We consider the LUAS to be a white elephant which cost us far more than it will ever return. It’s surface operation is disruptive and has detracted from the street scape of Dublin. Accordingly we will initiate the construction of a proper underground transport network for Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Once the Dublin network is complete we will pension off the LUAS as the failed system it is.

Law and Order

1. Our Defence Forces

We will free up our naval, army and air services away from shunting politicians around at the tax payers expense. They will instead be tasked with enforcing our borders and our 50 mile exclusion zone around our island of Ireland. The aircraft and air crews of the Irish Air Corps will no longer be at the beck and call of elected officials. As a mark of their loyalty to their country all officials will be expected to pay for their own traveling expenses just as every other citizen has to do.

2. Common Law

We will abolish all Maritime Law and replace it with Common Law. Common Law has only three aspects:
1. Damage to a person: It is unlawful and therefore a crime to cause damage or injury to any person.
2. Damage to property: It is unlawful and therefore a crime to damage or cause injury to another person’s property.
3. Contract Law:

  • Privity of Contract
  • 1. Doctrine of Privity. A valid contract ( if one exists ) is a private relationship between the parties who make it and no other person can acquire rights or incur liabilities under it.
  • 2. Scope of Doctrine.
    • 1. No one can acquire rights under a contract to which he is not a party.
    • 2. No one can incur liabilities under a contract to which he is not a party.

This will greatly simplify the task of maintaining law and order not only for the Gardai but it essentially puts the power back in people’s hands to be responsible for their own behaviour. These laws are very simple but if broken the penalties will be very severe. Thus it would be a grave mistake for anyone to think the Celtic Peoples’ Party of Ireland is soft on crime.

3. Road traffic behaviour

In accordance with the introduction of Common Law and the empowerment of the individual to be responsible for his or her actions, all road traffic offenses to do with speeding etc. will be abolished. The current system says that if a driver exceeds a speed limit then the said driver is liable to be prosecuted – even if no harm comes to anyone or anyone’s property as a result of the “offense”. This is clearly unfair. If no party is injured as a consequence of someone using a vehicle at an excessive speed then there can be no offense. Therefore there can be no court case or fine. However, if a person causes death or injury to a person and / or damage to a person’s property as a consequence of speeding, in accordance with articles 1 and 2 of Common Law as stated above, that person will be liable to a very heavy custodial sentence. Just because there are no laws prohibiting speeding drivers that is not a license to use a car recklessly and TV and Radio advertisements will be used to educate the people that with the choice comes the responsibility to be good citizens.

4. Pornography

Pornography is highly damaging and has no place in a healthy society. Therefore, pornography in all of it’s forms will be banned outright. Every internet service provider in Ireland will be required to block any sites carrying such material and we will ensure any international internet services will be made aware of this ban also. Similarly, films and TV programming of a violent and /or pornographic nature will also be banned outright. Anyone in breach of these laws will be given a severe custodial sentence in accordance with article 1 of Common Law as specified above.


The education system does not serve the interests of the Celtic people of Ireland. More often than not it turns out a great number of under achieving children who have grown disillusioned by the poor curriculum. Children up to the age of 12 years will be taught reading and writing in both Irish and English along with basic mathematics. They will also have daily physical education training and will be given a very strong grounding on how to be good citizens. In particular young boys will be taught how to be responsible young men / future husbands and to have respect for girls and women of all ages. Young girls will be taught to have respect for themselves as future wives and mothers. Degenerate behaviour will not be tolerated from either sex. Teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 will have a range of disciplines available to them which they can study depending on their stated career preference.
Every young man will be required to do 2 years military service in the Irish Army from the age of 18 years. Third level education will be made freely available to those who have a wish to further their studies in pursuit of a stated career that aids the development of our country and if they have the academic ability to do so.


Over the past few decades there has been a very noticeable decline in the morale character of the people. In our view this is as a direct result of films and TV programming depicting and even in some instances glorifying poor behaviour of various kinds. The internet is also being used to promote pornography and every kind of depravity which is having a devastating result on our people.

The recent advent of homosexuals’ rights is also corrosive to the moral standing of our people. It is not the business of government to interfere with what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. We have no issue with homosexuals as human beings. What we do take issue with is the OVERT PROMOTION of homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle. Thus we will NOT criminalize homosexuals but we WILL criminalize all forms of the promotion of homosexuality – especially if it is aimed at our children.

Foreign Policy

1. Neutrality

Our neutrality will be guaranteed and will not be up for negotiation. We will not join any attempt at the formation of a European army or police force. We will seek to encourage our fellow Celtic nations to adopt our political model.

2. The Celtic Diaspora

We will actively encourage our people who have emigrated to return to help rebuild our economy.

3. Europe

We will re-negotiate our treaties with the E.U. and will take back control of our borders. We will free our farmers and fishermen from E.U. dictates so that our country can work towards and achieve self sufficiency in the production and supply of good, fresh and wholesome food for our people. We will also renegotiate our trade agreements where they work against the interests of our people and country.